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Attacking Skills Camp

Looking for additional training during the season? Or just looking to improve your skills? Come join us on Friday evenings this spring!!

Who, Where, When??


Anyone who is born between 2016-2005. We have other options for younger players.


All sessions will be held at Forest Field.

2100 E. Centerville Station Rd. Dayton, OH 45458


Friday's Starting in September

No Camp on Oct 20, 2023

What to expect...

Attacking is the term used to describe the movement of the team in possession of the ball. It is not simply the act of shooting on goal or the play of the team in front of the net; it is more complex than that; it is the movement of the players and the ball for the team who has possession. Therefore, any time a team is in possession they are in the attacking phase.
Therefore, FC Dayton’s attacking skills clinic will provide players with a framework of how they will play in possession, allowing them to feel comfortable with tactics/strategies and to help achieve the desired outcome. The five attacking principles that will be focused on are Dispersal, Penetration, Movement, Support & Innovation/Creativity.

Our sessions will be game related and link the practice design to the format of the game. While players will also be exposed to Realistic and game-like situations, focusing on the different attacking patterns in the final third of the field to help improve their attacking skills even more.

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