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Nick Kinder

Director of U11-19


Bradley Schluter

Director of Methodology

High School Teams Get:

  • 1/2 Leagues

    • OSSL/GLC/Buckeye/TPL
  • 4/6 Tournaments/Showcases
  • 14 Weeks of Winter Training (*3 times per week)

  • Dedicated Goalkeeper Program

  • Professional and Licensed Coach

  • Game Model & Positional Play Concepts

  • Game Referee Fees

  • Coach’s Salary, Travel and Expenses

  • Game Model and Curriculum


FC Dayton’s Elite teams compete in the National League Showcase Series.
These tournaments are typically out of state and involve competing against high caliber teams in front of coaches and recruiters from Division 1, 2 and 3 schools.
These tournaments provide a competitive and challenging environment that is most similar to the level faced playing for a university team and as such are invaluable preparation for players with collegiate aspirations.

National Pro Showcase_edited.png

A high level of inter-regional competition that is available to players and teams in Ohio, is the Great Lakes Conference (GLC).

GLC is an inter-regional league that sees the strongest teams in Ohio compete in league play against teams in the surrounding states.
To gain entry to GLC, teams must perform exceptionally well in the highest level of Ohio Soccer’s State League (OSSL) and by performing well in GLC, teams may be invited to attend the National Showcase Series events.

GLC starts for players from U13 and up.

Ohio Soccer State League is the standard for all clubs that consider themselves Elite in the state of Ohio.

Nowadays, the State League encompasses teams from the whole of Ohio, bringing together under one competition what used to be known as Ohio North and Ohio South.
Ohio Soccer State League is the minimum level of play required for a team to begin its journey into GLC and the National Showcase Series and begins for players from U12 and up.

State Cup.png

The State Cup brings together the highest quality teams in Ohio in a knock-out style cup competition, to decide who will be crowned the State Champion towards the end of the regular season.

It is also the official qualifying competition in Ohio for the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series (NCS), sending the champions to Midwest Regionals.
Should teams become regional champions, they are then qualified to participate in the National Championships.

The State Cup starts from U11 and up.

Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League provides FC Dayton’s High School players with a competitive in-state environment without the additional pressure of over-night stays.
Players in this league receive the same quality coaching, the same amount of coaching and the same level of respect from FC Dayton but the environment is more relaxed.


Golazo Futsal Program
There is a strong expectation of all ELITE TEAM players to register and actively participate in the Golazo Futsal Program and this can be done at the same time as accepting your spot on an ELITE TEAM.

For more information on Golzao, visit the website page here.

Please email to address any questions about our Futsal Program.

The coaching staff at FC Dayton is second to none with experience, personality and education at the heart of the criteria for being chosen to lead a High School Team.
Ensuring the quality and standards of the Youth Program age group are two Directors of Coaching: Bradley Schluter and Nick Kinder.

Bradley Schluter is a former coach of the Centerville High School Program, is the current Director of Methodology for FC Dayton as well as being the Game Analyst for Division 1 Women’s Program, University of Dayton.

Nick Kinder is the current head coach of Wilmington Women’s Soccer and has overseen the Youth and High School programs at FC Dayton for several years now.

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